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PVP Server Online!

The NotSorry PVP server is now online and ready to be played! There will be minor tweeks made along the way to ensure the best gaming experience possible, but things are tested and running smooth. What are you waiting for? Get in the game!


Electric Furnaces Are Here!

An exclusive mod created by server owner TheSurgeon, this mod allows players to create a furnace that runs off of electricity rather than wood. It will NOT produce charcoal and won’t even burn wood, but it will smelt just like a normal furnace. Crafting requires 1 x Furnace, 1 x Counter, and 1 x Fuse. To craft one, type “/efurnace” in chat. Happy smelting!


Security Cameras Added!

Now you can place security cameras around your base and look around through them! To learn more type “/rustnet” in game. You use “/terminal add” to place a targeting computer then use “/sc add” to place cameras. This should make base building even more fun!


Custom Skinned Shirts!

When you spawn in you will notice we have custom shirts for our server! Hope you like them.


PVE Server Now Online

NotSorry PVE Rust Server is now up and running. There are a few more tweaks that will need to be made, but things are testing and functional.

Have fun!