Q: What makes your server any different than all the others?

A: In a sense, all Rust servers are similar because they share the same core game, but here we offer exclusive content and plugins, as well as adding dynamic and additional content not offered elsewhere. Our staff add things to the server even while it is up and running!

Q: Why don’t you share your Exclusive Plugins on Oxide/UMod?

A: Two reasons. The first and most obvious is that we want to offer our players unique gameplay, it wouldn’t be unique if every server could just clone it with a few clicks. The second and more important reason is the developing a plugin is difficult and time consuming on its own, but that increases many many times over if you have to modify it to work not only in the environment you made it for, but any environment others could put it in.

Q: Then why do you sell the plugins?

A: At the end of the day, if something becomes popular enough, we do want players in the Rust community to have at least some access to it without being restricted to playing here. Also, there are folks out there who are willing to pay for plugin development who could simply hire another developer to clone it, why not collect that revenue ourselves and put it back into our server and development right?

Q: Is the Admin here a staff member on other Servers?

A: No. While there are loose connections and friendships, there are no official relationships with other servers or services.

Q: You have something on your server that I want, can I get it?

A: Probably not and surely not for free. We respect all Admins and Developers, but frankly we are in the business of providing for the players, not other Admins/Devs.

Q: Does the Admin here play on the server?

A: In the general sense, no. Due to the fact that development continues while the server is live, Admin is often in game, but does not interfere with players. If not out and about adding content, time is usually spent in the HybridRust Research Facility, a structure dedicated to R&D.

Q: What is this HybridRust Research Facility you speak of?

A: It is a “base” in game were things can be tested and implemented away from interfering with players.

Q: OMG! Can I go inside the HyrbidRust Research Facility???

A: Sure! You must pass a total background check and purchase a HRF Passport that costs $79,999.00 real money.