1. No being a troll, hateful, rude, or any other action that interferes with the experience of the Staff and/or other players.
  2. No advertising any services of any kind without the expressed written consent of the Administrator.
  3. No use shall, when in public view, create anything offensive or vulgur. However, inside of a base, where it cannot be viewed, you may use whatever you wish.
  4. No hacking, botting, or using anything other than official Rust software.
  5. Griefing in any way will result in a ban.
  6. Secure your base! Players may boost, jump, or otherwise access another players belongings that are insecure so long as no glitch, cheat, or exploit is used.
  7. If you enter another player’s base without authorization and get stuck or trapped, you are shit outta luck.
  8. Turrets, armed or not, on or off, may NOT be placed outside of a base. They must not be seen from outside the base. You may use them inside your base and arm them. (PVE SERVER ONLY!)
  9. If a player invites you into their base and their turrets kill you, and they take your stuff, that is fair game. Be careful who you trust.
  10. Trap bases ARE allowed. It is not the responsibility of the base owner to ensure that anyone who enters unauthorized is safe. Think before you rush in.
  11. Do not pester the staff. They have a job to do to keep things running smooth.
  12. You are responsible for your own actions!
  13. This list is not exhaustive! Any staff member has the right to exercise discretion however they see fit in order to maintain a good player experience.
  14. Ban appeals go to the Administrator